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    What combines car washes, oil and chemical industrial enterprises, construction sites and private houses? It is actively used in all the listed areas Eurocubes ! Eurocube – it medium-tonnage container of cubic shape , made by the blowing method. It is made of high-strength, low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE), which provides the capacity with many advantages: reliability, resistance to atmospheric and mechanical impact, as well as the possibility of multiple use.


    The polymer container itself is called a "Eurocube flask", however, in the complete design, it is complemented by a metal grid on the outside and a pallet for increased cargo security, what

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    According to its performance euro cube represents a capacity based on polymers, which is made in the form of a cube. It is no accident that, that these products are quite often used at various facilities, including car washes, construction sites and objects of the oil and chemical industry. The reason for this is related to high strength characteristics, which the material used for this design possesses. At the same time, ordinary citizens often resort to this device.


    Scope and method of application of Eurocube

    Як і де застосовується єврокуб

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    What are plastic barrels?

    These devices are made of high-quality polyethylene, which is resistant to temperature changes and external damage. The process of making containers from plastic is quite simple, the plastic is heated to the desired temperature, pour into molds and cool. This allows you to get a high-strength product with no seams. For the production of containers, in which water or food is stored, food grade plastic is used, polypropylene is used for other types of barrels.

    How to choose a plastic container with a long service life?

    There are a number of important characteristics, on which

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    Plastic containers confidently conquer the market, displacing their metal predecessors. But there is competition among polymer products. Let's consider two main types of plastic tanks – Eurocube capacity and large-capacity barrels, so that you can choose the best option.

    Comparison of two types of containers
    To understand which capacity is better to buy in a particular case, it is necessary to understand what their differences are.

    Barrels made of plastic can be made in different colors - black, green, the blue, white. Eurocube - always white.