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We started our niche business in steel barrel recycling, then we introduced more products and services, such as the regeneration of IBC containers etc. Thanks to dynamic development and acquisitions, we have become a leading company in the industry.

Currently, we have three warehouses in Ukraine for the restoration of used containers. We have qualified staff and the necessary technical infrastructure, which allows for an efficient and environmentally safe production process. Since our company was founded, we have recovered more than a million industrial packaging.

Our company's activities are part of the prerequisites for sustainable development and a closed-loop economy, the purpose of which is to create a closed-loop economy. Regenerating industrial packaging, we make them reusable and reusable, which reduces the amount of waste, that are formed, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. We believe, what that, what we do, has a future.

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Technical and food Eurocubes, Buy Eurocube

Eurocube to buy

Technical and food Eurocubes from 640 liters to 1250 liters

Eurocube (IBC – from English. Intermediate Bulk Container, cubic capacity, cubic barrel) – reusable medium-tonnage cargo cubic container. Eurocubes are used in industry for the transportation of liquid and bulk goods. Eurocubes have a capacity of 640 to 1250 liters (more steel barrel).

Eurocubes have a hard outer packaging – steel grating. It has a plastic container, the so-called bulb or sulia. The top cover is attached to the main part with a screw connection. The Eurocube is attached to a wooden base, steel or plastic pallet with screws and moved with a forklift.

Eurocubes are transported in different ways. Different types of transport contain a different number of Eurocubes:

railway containers - 10-21 cubic (empty)
marine ISO containers – 20-44 cubic.
car trailer 52 -72 Cuba (empty)
railway cars - 52 cubic.
Eurocube 1000l

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Tubs are plastic/metal

Plastic barrels – it is a great option for storing water in the country or in a private house. They are safe and practical, do not emit harmful substances, do not poison the water, as capacious as possible. On our website, everyone will be able to choose the appropriate version of plastic barrels if they wish, get delivery across Ukraine and use them for a long time.

Characteristics of plastic barrels

You can buy plastic barrels from us with delivery across the Dnipro, Lviv, Kyiv in the shortest possible time. We offer to buy used barrels, which are characterized by good quality and are in a suitable condition for their use. Among their main characteristics can be named:

High quality plastic.
Maximum safety for water.
The ability to withstand any temperature changes.
Complete tightness.
Good capacity from 30 to 237 l.
The presence of a strong cover.

If you want to buy plastic barrels, be sure to go to the catalog of our site and view the available options. We offer high-quality and practical plastic barrels, which have already been used before. In terms of appearance and functions, they are no different from new designs, but have a much lower cost. The price for one container is 200 to 1000 UAH, depending on the volume.

You can place an order with us in a few minutes, we create the most comfortable and profitable conditions for each client. The quality of plastic tubs is always at the highest level, you can be sure of that. Though, that plastic barrels are presented in used. Reveal, they will serve the client for more than one year, and will be able to fully cope with their functions.

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